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QR Login Button Sets

These buttons will use you to start interaction with cleap app requests by your user.


Status Options List  01/05/2021

The status field is very important for client notifications. each status means a different notification.


API Diagram

This Diagram will assist you in visually understand this API in an instant.


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API v.2.0 Documentation

our api is seamless, hassle free, simple to understand and will quickly integrate into your system.

1st step

Store Registration

Use RegisterStore() for a seamless quick registration. ​Please save the response containing StoreKey to Communicate with Cleap later on.

2nd step

Send Deals

At the end of each purchase please prompt a phone request and send the deal to cleap by using the SendDeals() call.

3. Store Ownership

Use LinkStore() to get a ReferenceKey & Display the user with a QR containing the ReferenceKey, so the user will scan it in the cleap stores app.

(user optional)​

4. Deal Status

Depending on the deal status the consumer will receive a digital receipt, ready-for-pickup or delivery-on-it's-way notifications.. you can always update a deal status or details by resending the SendDeals() call.

(user optional)​

Sales Platforms

by the end of this integration your platform will allow users to connect Rulrr and start interacting with their customers in various ways.