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Harness the power of Rulrr: our AI-driven marketing engine streamlines your entire online advertising by integrating social media and data sources, generating an impactful digital presence for your business.

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Hyperlocal Social Media Marketing

Harness the power of hyperlocal advertising with Rulrr, connecting you directly with local audiences on social media platforms

Designed for local stores

Specially designed to adapt to your business and allows you to boost your digital presence and track your results in real-time.

POS Integration

Connect your POS to Rulrr in order to target your past customers, but also attract new nearby customers who have the same profile.

Social Media Integration

Utilize your social content by allowing our algorithm to choose your best posts and promote them on top advertising platforms.

Any Size Business Marketing Solution

The Rulrr app is available at App Store & Google Play and helps empowering local stores every single day.

Join thousands of store owners using Rulrr.

Rulrr is leveling the playfield and helping local businesses thrive. Small businesses can now engage with customers regularly, not just big corporations.

0m +

250+ Million Ads delivered to consumers by store owners through our platform.

0m +

$20+ Million Return in actual revenues for local stores around the world.

0x ~

14X Average return on ad spend from past and new customers campaigns.

Easy Set-up

Set up your first store campaign in just a couple of minutes.

Cross Platform

Multiple cross-platform campaigns from a single rulrr store campaign.

Marketing Automation

Create a personalized customer journey for each consumer.

Continuous Engagement

Target store’s audience by connecting your point of sale with digital ads.

Budget Optimization

We optimize the media budget you spend today for a better return at exceptional rates of less than ¢1 per ad!

Track Results

Tracking in-store conversions, just made possible with rulrr.

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Setting up your store’s marketing while tracking your budget is just a few clicks away.

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