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Rulrr is a cloud-based platform that offers automated data-driven advertising for physical stores & for the first time gives you the ability to track revenue from online advertising

Connect your POS

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Rulrr is easy to set up & also nicely plays with the apps you already use and love

Integrate your POS and experience the benefits of data-driven advertising

Loyalty automation will reach your customers and match

them with the best ad matched to their needs. 



Hands free marketing experience with

detailed ROAS Measuring.



The ideal store

Consumer Cycle

Our algorithm is working non-stop to boost your clients retention rate while attracting new customers from our audience cloud, a fully autonomous clever advertising agent.

Store Advertising

made easy

Retail Advertising in an online ERA

Today retailers can track customer's likes, needs, and values to provide the most relevant experiences by using digital receipts.

How physical stores can keep up with consumers

How retailers use Online Advertising to drive awareness and interest towards their products to generate sales from their target audience.

​Deciding on a Marketing Budget

The U.S. Small Business Administration ~“small businesses with revenues less than $5 million should allocate 7-8 percent of their revenues to marketing.”

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