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Once you're setup, it's Only $59 monthly per store campaign which iterates and changes in real-time with your store's audience and fresh content.


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Choose your media budget and optimize your spend for superior returns, offering unbeatable rates of less than ¢1 per ad.

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1 POS integration
Marketing Automation
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Dedicated Account Manager
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Frequently asked questions

Which content will be chosen?

Our algorithm will automatically select the best viral content with the best social overall score available on your store's social pages, important to mention you will also be able to change it manually if you want to promote a specific piece of content.

Who is seeing my advertisements?

The audience of your Rulrr automated campaigns in case you connect your POS or upload a customer file will be your past customers, their networks, and nearby lookalike consumers list designated to you by Rulrr.

Where my ads will be featured?

When activating a smart campaign with Rulrr that means thousands of precision ads are going to be purchased on top advertising platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and the entire Google Display Network.

How much time it'll take to setup?

You'll be able to complete the onboarding process and create your first campaign in less than 90 seconds, the better part is once you're set up there is no maintenance and the campaigns are being refreshed with the best audience, and content in real-time.

How does it work?

We'll purchase your business the best ad placements for the best price and direct it to the best target, with Rulrr you'll always stay beneath the 1 Cent per ad rate, which usually means 2-3 times more ads using the same budget.

If I'm not using a POS system?

You'll still be able to create a store location and optionally upload a customer file to achieve business growth with a massive amount of ads to your best audience inside your service radius, but you'll not be able to track in-store conversions.

Corporate grade automated marketing

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Maximum results – Zero effort

Marketing automation will take care of customer engagement for you and earn you more valuable time.

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In-store conversion tracking

For the first time it's possible to track in-store revenues from digital campaigns and validate their quality.

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We provide a different digital marketing experience and we have our customer's smiles to prove it.

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