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Our features

Our system was designed to support both private advertisers and bigger agencies.

Automated Campaigns

Find better use for your precious resources and let the algorithm run your client's campaign.

Multi Group

Maintain and manage multiple groups of stores in a single Rulrr account.

Share Results

You can easily share an asset within the app to show your client the benefit of your engagement.


Automate and analyze digital campaigns.

Giving our marketing engine the full responsibility for your client's campaign will save you time and money while boosting the trust factor between you and your customer when he'll be able to track the results and revenues from your acitivities.

I have been waiting so long for this kind of solution to manage my campaigns for me and clear me more time to create content! the results of the system were amazing with no effort by me or my team.

Zoey Sterling

Community Manager

Autonomous Syncronization

Forward thinking businesses use our cloud backup service to ensure data reliability and safety.

Google Display Network

Our system will automate targeted campaigns with the entire Google display network with the content pieces available in the store social pages.

Meta Ads

A completely new experience when it comes to social presence and ad rates, with Rulrr you'll be able to purchase ads and always stay below the $5 CPM rate.

Tik Tok Ads

It's time to try something new, with Rulrr having a Tik Tok campaign is no hassle at all, one campaign will distribute your content in several platforms automatically.

Trusted by businesses around the world – big and small

Companies from across the globe have had fantastic experiences using Rulrr. Here’s what they have to say.
Orian A.

Boulangerie 96

I can't imagine going back to the time before Rulrr, when I couldn't communicate with my customers and show them my latest creations.

Gabriel D.

Pizza Domino

After doing the digital campaigns by myself and later with an agency, and after 2 years with Rulrr, I can tell you Rulrr is the only advertising that actually works.

Ben M.

Mentor Barbershop

A very short time after activating my first campaign I was seeing customers that didn't visit for more than 3 months, too bad we can't use Rulrr to find more employees.