Securing merchant's revenue growth

Get more customers and retain actual customers by offering them revenue growth.


With getting you more customers?

Gain competitive differentiation in a commoditized market

Easy Setup

Set up your first store campaign in just a couple of minutes.

Cross Platform

Multiple cross platform campaigns from a single rulrr store campaign.

Marketing Automation

Create a personalized customer journey for each consumer.

Continuous Engagement

Target store’s audience by connecting your point of sale with digital ads.

Budget Optimization

We optimize the media budget you spend today for a better return at exceptional rates of less than ¢1 per ad!

Track Results

Tracking in-store conversions, just made possible with rulrr.

Dedicated affiliate dashboard

Help's you track our collaboration progress.

  • Promote merchant's growth
  • Gain more compelling offers
  • Get more customers
  • Retain existing customers
  • A better way to expand. We make a simple onboarding for both our users and affiliates.

    Workforce in America, Europe and Middle East in full compliance with local laws.

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    We'll automate your client's digital marketing

    We will walk you through our smooth and simple process.

    PSP Merchants

    Upsell existing customers and better retain them while getting more customers with a unique offering to differentiate your company.

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    PSP Merchants
    POS Resellers

    Introduce your customers with brand-new digital marketing feature that seamlessly integrates with their POS software.

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    POS Resellers
    Private Resellers

    Create a successful revenue stream by selling Rulrr to small and medium businesses while helping them achieve business growth.

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    Private Resellers


    These guys know what they're doing, Plain awesome and a pleasure to work with, My main focus today is creating and activating Rulrr accounts for businesses i'm working with.

    Jeff A. Ribiero

    Private Affiliate


    Trust the professionals

    Harry Hagege

    Partnerships Director

    Nir Avidan

    Marketing Director

    Shelley Potter

    Customer Success

    Carolina Angel

    Account Manager