Service Providers?

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Private trainers, Open Gym, Fitness Clubs

Beauty Salons

Nail Salon, Spa Salon, Beauticians

Hair Designers

Hair Salons & Barber Shops

Tattoo Shops

Tattoo Studios, Tattoo Artists

Spa & Welness

Spa Centers, Med Spa, Yoga Trainers

Medical Clinics

Skin Care, Dental Care, Clinics


While you focus on your clients, Rulrr works behind the scenes to help you manage your digital presence and engages your customers.

We are here to raise your customer awareness. Handsfree.

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Automated marketing for your past customers and future ones.

Keep track of what's happening with your digital presnece, what does it generates for your business, and also keep a continous engagement with your customers.
  • Affordable, scalable and performant.
  • The perfect solution for small stores and service providers.
  • Retain your customers with zero-effort and maximum-results