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We will reach your customers and match them with a tailored ad experience.

The next step is CONTACT! ~where?

anywhere your consumers are spending their screen time with an ad frequency of 4-6 ads per month.

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Rulrr will automatically figure out who are your store consumers and who are your best-fit never been consumers based on your current consumers attributes.

Innovative Measuring

Using the POS connection rulrr is updating store owners in returns from advertising for each and every consumer, Measuring produces a sense of certainty that doesn't exist in today's advertising platforms.

Distruptive Technology

Our interface is highly accessible and easy to use, everything is happening in the background and the results is served in the foreground live just at the palm of your hand.

30 days trial for free

we are a fans of win-win deals. check us out, see the returns in the bank and in our app :) only then you can decide if you want our advertising agent to keep up with the good work.


after the trial period a monthly fee of 59$ per store will be charged.